Raleigh Lodge #500 was Chartered January 19, 1900 by the Grand Lodge A. F. & A. M. of North Carolina

From the East

Dear Brethren,

I am pleased and gratified that you saw fit to elect me as your new Worshipful Master. In my years of service to Raleigh 500, I have had the privilege of seeing many great men progress through the chairs and have high hopes to see many more ascend.

At the beginning of the year, the new Master is tasked with managing the lodge and striving to continue to build on an established foundation. My goal this year is to not only sustain all of the strides made in the past, but to also continue to find better paths for the brothers and the lodge as a whole. I have a few ideas that I wish to implement that will help Raleigh #500 to maintain the current trajectory and steer us to sustainable growth for the future.

First, I have designated the first Thursday of the month as a work and instruction day. By selecting a standard day to complete degree work and instruction, we can better schedule our calendars and therefore, have wider participation. We had a great showing at our 1st degree, and hopefully with this standardization we can expect it to continue. The first Thursday will be used in the best interest of the lodge and its ever-changing needs.

Secondly, as we have learned from our past degrees there are only 3 great truths -- Faith, Hope, and Charity. Faith and Hope are created and maintained by our own strengths and beliefs. Charity helps us to strengthen our bonds with other Masons and the free world. This is the truth that I, and by extension, the lodge as a whole, would like to focus on as it will serve to highlight and strengthen the former two. Charity comes in many forms. It can be shown in many ways, such as helping a brother or friend, lending a listening ear to a troubled soul, or joining a cause to better society.

The main truth that pushes for an individual or group to look beyond themselves and help is being in the right frame of mind. This is where MORALE comes into play. When the group is happy and motivated, then the necessary jobs are completed with cheer, precision and efficiency. I will be instituting a program to boost and recognize such individuals, which will be further explained at our first stated of the year on the 21st of January. So please be square and be there.

Morale is everything,
R. Cameron Bridger
Raleigh Lodge #500
N.C. A.F.&A.M.