From the East

We are more than half way through the 2017 year and what a pleasure it has been serving Raleigh 500 as Master. We have had a successful charity event already with the 2017 Pig Jig and are currently working on a November fund raiser, more on this in August. Furthermore, brother Feore put together a outing for the brethren in a racing event at a local go kart facility that was well received and a lot of fun. We are working on another outing scheduled for August and it will be posted as well as announce at the next stated as specifics are still being ironed out. Stephen Ford has taken over the responsibilities of managing our online accounts and social media. He has done a fantastic job and I look forward to him and Brandon Avila working together to keep us updated and current in the 21st century with all the current and emerging technology. These social media platforms can only help to improve communications within the lodge. Thank you again to Stephen and I look forward to seeing everyone at our August stated.

Fraternal Regard

Robin Turner
Master Raleigh Lodge 500